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Hell Fire (90 Capsules)


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HELLFIRE is no joke even
for people who are used to the effects of Ephedra. This metabolic
monster contains a downright scary 150mg of Ephedra that you do not want
to misuse. Seriously, if you’re not the hardcore type and aren’t out to
challenge that MMA champion to a few rounds in the ring, maybe you
should step back and reconsider what you want in a supplement. It’s even
stunned a few hardcores who have taken Ephedra supplements before
because they’ve never seen intensity like this. Hellfire is only for
anyone who is serious about ramping up their energy levels for those
intense runs, folks.

is the hard-pumping, stimulant-filled, get-up-and-go supplement for
people used to living on the edge and getting that adrenaline pumping.
On top of the 150mg of Ephedra, this supplement has 150mg of caffeine,
140mg of the proprietary StimMax compound and 95mg of the ThermoCore
compound. It stimulates your metabolism for up to eight hours, elevates
your mental and physical focus and endurance, crushes your appetite and
gives you the alertness you need to survive those crazy obstacle
courses. This blazingly hot supplement will give you an intense euphoric
sense that makes you feel like Superman, so make sure you don’t lose
your common sense while using it.

You should only use HELLFIRE
if you are intent on being that hard-charging daredevil even on days
when you would normally be dragging your way through your daily routine.
It is so intense, in fact, that you should stock plenty of water or
your favorite sports drink where you can easily get at it because these
powerful thermogenic compounds can easily dehydrate you and increase
your risk of heatstroke. You won’t impress your high-octane friends if
you ignore warning signs and end up wiping out simply because you
overheated. You will impress them if you use HELLFIRE wisely and nail that difficult stunt with your ramped-up energy levels and mental focus.

FDA: These statements have not been evaluated by the
Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose,
treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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